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30 Days Another
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28 ждут перевод
30 Days Anotheris a multi-ending story adventure game.

You have a death certificate from an unknown person in your hand. This person who ended her life by her will, died two days after her birthday. No one knows why you made act of doing suicide on a day full of happiness.

You are someone else who has nothing to do with this person's death. So there is no obligation or justification to save this girl. But I know very well that there should be no more unfortunate deaths in this world. Go back 30 days before this person dies and become a person around you to prevent death. Every little word of yours, every ray of interest, may change fate.

Be the person around you and change her life

You are Park Yu-na, who works as a general manager at the Royal apartment, the home of ordinary people. The Royal apartment is home to ordinary people, such as test takers, construction workers, and vegetable farmers. The residents and the space give off a desolate atmosphere. It's just a luxury to be interested in others in a busy world.

Among them, a resident I encounter every day keeps stepping on me. Similar situations, similar ages, similar tastes. You will meet Choi Seol-a, a long-term student. Seol-a is the main character of the death certificate that appeared earlier. Why did an ordinary young man who seemed to be no different from me choose to die on her own?

Seol-a is scheduled to die on September 30, and the remaining time is 30 days. If for 30 days you were interested in Seol-a and handed her hand in this narrow apartment, could you change this person's fate? If you interact with your surroundings and help them, you can change the situation. Every word you say, every effort, can save Seol-a - or the people around us.

How to play

  • Take on daily duties of a manager

    Being a manager is never easy. From room entry and exit management and facility maintenance to weekly separate collection and resolving conflicts between residents. Even ten hands might not be enough, but after a day without incident, I can't be as proud as that. From the work requested by Aunt Kyung-sook, the manager of the apartment, to the unpredictable hidden events. Only when all tasks are completed can you complete the day and face the next day.

  • Explore the Royal apartment and communicate with residents

    It is essential to search for apartment to perform general affairs duties. The quest to complete the To-Do List is important, but it is also necessary to investigate the cause or environment that led to Seol-a's extreme choice. Go around the apartment and look for clues left by Seol-a or other residents. Maybe you will discover a hidden story.

    Talk to the residents wandering around. This is because personal and detailed information may be hidden in conversations with residents as well as clues needed to solve the task.

  • Face the moment of choice

    While staying at the Royal apartment, you will be faced with a variety of choices. You won't be able to neglect a single trivial decision. Even a small choice in a moment will affect Seol-a's fate in some way 30 days later.

    There is no right answer for your choice. However, it will not always be easy to make a choice for others. Because if your own mental energy is depleted, you can't take care of others or yourself. Only when we maintain the proper balance between ourselves and others can we all face our destiny in the next 30 days.

Key Features

  • Various interactions with characters, including cell phone messengers, cafe dates, daily conversations and personal information collection
  • Numerous choices and dilemmas
  • Their fate and various endings are in your hands
  • Side story to get a glimpse into their deep and personal story
  • Reality, detail points as if you are in that space in reality
  • Graphics and background music expressing a neutral atmosphere

Need help?

30 Days Another wants to raise awareness about suicide and say that suicide is a social problem that can be prevented through social and individual efforts. So, we wanted to have a device in the game where information could be accessed at any time for those in need.

  • For those in need right now
  • For all of us who don't know
  • For those around you who are in danger

How can I help and where can I get help? A consultation window that can be contacted at any time, an interview with a mental health specialist, and even suicide prevention signal guidelines are included in the game.

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